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WELCOME to our newly designed web presence to  represent our new, EXPANDED direction going into  2021 and forward. A link to our original website that  we created as our first for our window cleaning  business can be found HERE and contains a lot of  history of our business.

  Just because we have changed the website, doesnt  mean we have changed the quality of service, our  attention to customer service  or our reasonable  pricing....If anything: going into 2021, we are making some aggressive discounts available to retain and secure our target customers!! 

Our goal going into 2021; is to grow our business by 200+% in next 5 years!!!!!


The BIGGEST thing to know about US going into 2021 is that we are streamling our operations to fit our mission of being a TRUE low-rise/ground access provider in the commercial and residential markets. The benefit is going to be SUPERIOR service at AWESOME pricing!!

 We have been involved in the window cleaning business in NW Arkansas for over a decade and owners of current business since 2011. We have almost 20 years of staff direct window cleaning experience in all phases of low-rise commercial, residential, and construction cleanup. As a family-owned and operated business; we understand the value of a dollar and the importance of providing excellent service as well as superior customer service. We also have that covered with over 35 years of direct consumer related customer service experience in the staff.  

We carry local licensing and by this we do not intend to lead you to believe a license exists in Arkansas for window cleaning--there is not (not outside specialized applications) We mention the licensing to say that we have completed all requirements on a city,county, state, and federal level to be fully compliant with all laws related to our business including but not limited to:

Collecting/Paying Sales Tax, Employees and Paychecks, Liability Insurance in case of Accident and Workmans' Compensation coverage on ALL people on your property --all very important to protect you our client and the people working for us because it is the right thing to do.

Beyond this; we use professional equipment and our own hand-mixed blend of formulas (suited to the cleaning requirement) to perform application of solution to glass insuring all area is thoroughly cleaned, squeegeed to remove solution (AND dirt), and then followed by a hand detail of glass and cleanup of all dampened areas as well as track area of debris. Screens are included in pricing unless indicated otherwise and are cleaned as agreed using same formula and hand detailed. 

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  Our service offerings are really pretty straight forward and we will summarize them immediately following as well as several NEWLY ADDED SERVICES IN SUMMER 2021. You may also read some additional info on our target market and how our move into 2021 benefits you as a customer: 

Residential Window Cleaning includes any combination of cleaning of interior and/or exterior glass with interior and exterior including wiping the track area of debris as applies. Cleaning of screens can be accomplished as well for additional price and can be added to interior/exterior or exterior only. Addon services for cleaning other glass including lights/showers/mirrors etc. as applies to ability. We are experienced in all phases of residential window cleaning and have completed thousand and thousands of successful residential window service with no issues.

Commercial Window Cleaning is customized to need and can be both interior and or exterior and is dependant on accessibility and customer traffic/schedule. Ongoing maintenance plans with aggressive discounts for ongoing and local services. We are experienced in this service and currently provide for some major clients in NWA.

Construction Window Cleaning Cleanup is a service we do provide and are very skilled in as have completed hundreds of these services. While it is no longer a core service for us; it is one we gladly entertain as needs arise and we are available. We carry a full liability insurance policy to qualify us to provide as meets our schedule.

Screen Porch Cleaning is a NEWLY ADDED SERVICE IN SUMMER 2021 and is a custom solution for cleaning fixed screen porches or screen enclosed patios we find so many of in NW Arkansas. In most instances we clean the screen in place removing dirt, debris, pollen, mold, and insects for you to continue enjoying your investment. The process is simple and straightforward and you may contact us for more info on this service as a stand-alone or add-on service.

Janitorial Service is a NEWLY ADDED SERVICE IN SUMMER 2021 and available in SELECT areas (BENTONVILLE). Availability is limited with all to be completed weekday evenings with special cleanup/maintenance available on weekends. Custom solutions for single or complete services.

  GOING INTO 2021; we have altered the vision of our target market as  primarily ground-floor and low-rise customers in both the commercial and residential markets including 2nd story services as available. This modification allows us to achieve 3 things:

  1. As a predominantly ground floor provider we can achieve highest quality of service based on exact ability, equipment, insurance/work comp covered for MAXIMUM all-around PREMIUM services.
  2. As a predominantly ground floor provider we can serve a much greater area. To date; we have been providing a wide variety of services to a more limited # of customers due to the scope of offerings made. We seldom ever left Benton County because our business kept us so busy. In having determined our streamlined target service offerings; we are afforded greater flexibility in # of jobs we accept and larger market area based on that flexibility. It is our intent to experience 200% growth in next 5 years so WE NEED YOUR HELP!!
  3. The biggest benefit is in the lower costs we will have as a result of knowing what our target market is and being able to keep all our overhead costs low based on knowing our market. In turn; WE CAN & WILL pass those savings on to you. What this means is LOWER COSTS, LONGER TIMES BETWEEN PRICE INCREASES, and SMALLER INCREASES when they happen. In 2021; we will be expanding our core services thru AGGRESSIVE PRICING and DISCOUNT OFFERS.


We have made it easier than ever before to contact us as follows:

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Contacting us on Facebook is simpleLots of really cool pictures of homes and businesses we have serviced over a decade in NW Arkansas  

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